I have a Capsule guy who specializes in Godzilla stuff yet when you walk into your shop and say, "Ooh, I'd like that." He tells you, "Oh, it's not for sale." There is stuff for sale but most of it just seems to be his private collection that is on permanent display in his "shop". Here are the latest Godzilla capsules. They are based on 根付 (netsuke) which are miniature button-like carvings used to hang personal items from a man's kimono.
If you want to get a clearer picture than the ones I took, I recommend you click that link.

Godzilla 1995.

The larval stage of Shin-Godzilla, which I like to call Derpzilla. 

And here it is sitting up to beg for food.

Shin getting ready to fire off an atomic blast.

And his skull infested butt.

This dude is the most recent version from the Anime.

It's nice to get a full set all at once without getting a ton of repeats.

Now all I need now is to get a kimono to hang them from!

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