Tiger Attack!

If you travel quickly to Kamaishi today, you'll be in time for the annual Tiger Dance.

Here is one of the tigers on display in Kitakami Station.

Here's a 神輿 (Mikoshi) above and a reproduction of a parade below.

And a few other interesting artifacts.

Take a trip on a Pokemon Train too!

I'd go with you today, but I just spent the day in Kitakami yesterday at the Oni Museum. I've been there before though this time I went with a friend so now my lame jokes didn't fall on deaf ears.


The following masks are from Thailand. I'm not sure if I've featured them before.

And closeups of the animal masks featured on these ones from Mexico.

This particular Oni is in the lobby of most of the Elementary Schools in Japan. Great looking navel.

Above is a ring-toss game I wouldn't mind owning. Below is an extremely creepy iteration of Gegege no Kitaro!

There's been a lot of talk about a parade in 'Murica these days. This is the only parade I'd like to see.

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