Happy All Soul's Eve!

I'm off to a Halloween party so I don't have time (once again) for a detailed entry. I still have a backlog of pamphlets, UFO Catch Crap, Halloweeny Snacks and other stuff that I intended on adding prior to this but, alas, it was not to be. That's why I'll have a Post-Halloween Catch up effort until I feel as though I've caught up. In the interim, here are some of the masks and accessories that I've provided to the classes so they can have a costume show in class.

Above are three hoodie/blankets that gals like to wear and the guys enjoy adding spooky masks to their get up.

My time was limited, so I wasn't able to show each of the masks individually, but you can get an idea.

Then there are the headpieces used to adorn heads (natch), some girls like to just wear a single pair of ears, others go all out and wear three or four (which I think looks silly.) The boys especially like to wear 3-4 masks at a time which looks very dumb and then they can't see. Not my style of choice. I do like to see the Iron Man or Hulk mask worn with a pair of bunny ears. That is fashion at its best.

With my smaller classes, the entire class puts on a single mask and we parade into the Teachers' Room and then they are given a treat after they say "Trick or Treat". I am amazed by how few children bother to say "Thank you" or "Arigatou" afterwards until their homeroom teacher admonishes them.

They each get a few of these Craft supplies and the students then place them in their name cards.

Here are the highlights of the artistic efforts by today's tiniest school. 13 Grade Five students and only 8 Grade Sixers.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate it, Japanese ghosts are very cute.

I dig that elaborate font she used for Halloween.

See my comment above about ghosts and add in anthropomorphized felines.

Unfortunately, she was rushed. I know she wanted to add more.

Another adorable witch.

Not sure what is going on below.

What follows are the Grade 6 kids' works. I do like the witchy Pikachu who has a case of the Munchies

I don't question why the cat has an apple upon its head, I just accept it.

This lad insisted on finishing his creation. I give it 5 stars.

An anxious ghost.

Is that a robot or Frankenstein wielding a crossbow?

This cat is adorable.

And this one wins my pick of the 6s.

For the last of the Kemono Friends this month, here is キュウビキツネ Kyuubi-Kitsune, the 9-tailed fox.

Scammed from Wikipedia (you can tell by the change in font), "The nine-tailed fox or Huli jing (狐狸精; literally: "fox spirit") or jiuweihu (九尾狐; literally: "nine-tailed fox"), having been originated from Chinese mythology, is a common motif in the mythology of East Asian countries. In East Asian folklore, foxes are depicted as a familiar spirit possessed of magic powers. Nine-tailed foxes appear in Chinese folklore, literature, and mythology, in which, depending on the tale can be a good or a bad omen."

That's it for now, I probably won't get back to reporting on tonight's party until tomorrow, so until then...
Happy Halloween!!!

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