Butte of my jokes.

On Saturday, Emi (a friend who I haven't seen much of since her nuptials)and I drove out to Montana. It's quite a drive to get to the actual State, so we opted to go to "The Best Kept Secret in Town", a restaurant called Montana. It can't be too secretive, for the place was packed and a dozen guests showed up as we were leaving. It's a nice cozy restaurant that serves steak and burgers and other "downhome American food". I had a chili burger sandwich (I'm certain it would be less messy were it to come in a bun, but then it wouldn't be downhome.) The beer was over carbonated, but otherwise it was a yummy meal.

The decor is fresh out of "Tacky Homes & Gardens" but the glowing fireplace was inviting to kick back and relax. (We didn't.) If you're interested in going, it's about an hour's drive from Sendai but you'll have to call for directions (022-346-5822.)

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