Get Shafted in December.

There's lots going on in our little home away from home over the next month. One big event will be the 7th Anniversary Party on December 9th with special guest DJ Kawasaki (don't worry I don't know who he is either.) It costs 3 grand to get in but you get a drink and a Zima. Hopefully you can trade the Zima in for a real drink.

And of course the event of the year will be the Echophonyk Christmas party on December 22nd. I did this flyer myself and am quite proud of it. Only 1500 to get in and if you wear a stupid Santa hat or a pair of Reindeer antlers, you get THREE drinks! More details a time draws closer...

Did you know that if you click on the above pictures, you actually get a closeup of it? I just discovered this trick recently. It only works with pics from my scanner or digital camera and not my mini-shots taken with my camera, but it is still pretty nifty!
Apart from these two flyers, go click on that spider from a few posts back-it's really creepy!

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dave said...

Wicked photos of the two flyers they look good. Yeah it will be a mad month of parties. Nautrally really looking forward to Echophonyk..Yeah Yeah!!


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