Pythagorean Switch.

NHK or the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, is the Nihon version of the CBC, BBC or PBS. One of their kid's programs designed to teach them how to think "out of the box" is “Pitagora Suicchi” (ピタゴラスイッチ). We know of these physics wonders as Rube Goldberg inventions, but over here they pay tribute to Pythagoras with the Pitagora suicchi. I must say that it is extremely inventive (though the music gets a tad tedious.)

I find the best way to watch this video is while watching Sumo on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Poise your finger on the pause button and glance over at a Sumo match, then when the commentators begin to ramble, watch a few of the inventions and then switch back to the tv in time for the next match. If you don't have Sumo, then you're out of luck, you have to watch the whole video.

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