The Pony Tails...

are phony tales.

I saw another Live event at ENN house hosted by The Pony Tails and some of the acts I'd seen before. It started off with Junkie Business, then Gypsy Lady, the CHICKEN masters, The Pony Tails and ending with VIOLETS. I only really liked the Pony Tails set, I just wasn't in a punky/ hard rock/ soft rock mood. The nice thing was that they gave out a free CD Sampler with a tune from each band. If anyone is interested, I'll send them some tunes digitally, just give me a dingle. I also bought a PonyTail mini cd with 5 songs for only 300yen...beat that Itunes!

I chatted with a few of The Pony Tail members and hopefully we can get them out to do a Shaft gig next year sometime. My only complaint with them is that none of them wear ponytails. Not exactly truth in advertising, eh? But then again, I don't think the other bands were eponymous either, no gypsies, masters of chickens, junkies or violets were in attendance.

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