Today's Political Post.

I could wax eloquently about the election results across the puddle in Amerika but I have nothing profound to say.

So instead, I'll post a bunch of photos that I took last week at Ando's school's Halloween party.

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Pirate meet Shelob.

Party people. Disappointingly, only about 3 kids dressed up!

Short John Silver was cranky.

A Screamer and a Bat-head.

Which witch is which?

A ballerina and two Sailormoon characters. A hint to mothers: if you don't want your son to be bullied all his life, don't dress him up as Sailor-Uranus!

The highlight of the party was a well placed cockroach. I had been frightening the mothers with my handy-dandy plastic cockroach and I decided to spook one of the teenage girls. I chose a "rather well-endowed for a 13-year old" girl and tossed the roach at her, and sure enough, it went straight down her cleavage! We all had a good chuckle over that one...

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