A Stag and Two Does.

We last left our hero, walking down the street with two young lasses on his arms... when all of a sudden, we were bombarded by a drunken hoard of gaijin stumbling towards us on a mission to get even more drunk. Lo and behold if it wasn't Ando and the boys celebrating the impending ball & chain of one of their friends. So the print club idea was thwarted and we all merrily wandered to this little 居酒屋 (izakaya = pub) that passes itself off as a rugby club. My two companions were initially willing to join a dozen inebriated, horny blokes but Motoko's friend imbibed a bit too much and they bowed out. I walked them down the street and bid farewell and then wandered back hoping to find the pub again.
Then things got weird. The booze flowed freely, Alex showed up and everyone continued to get drunker. When talk started about heading to the strip club, my sanity (and lack of funds) got the better of me and Alex and I sequestered ourselves in 305. But not before the tragedy occurred...

The groom, before...


...and after.

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