All that Glitters is not Golden.

Well, Golden Week has come and gone, and unfortunately, my Internet at home has not worked since my last post. SO, I have a lot of catching up to do, but it's now after work hours at school and I'm pooped from a long day. I'll blog away with many photos etc, but I don't think I'll give you much of a running commentary as per previous posts (or at least, I'll be cutting back on the Links.)

After the Museum, I continued on the Loople to the Site of Sendai Castle. There is not much but rubble left at the Site, but it was pretty. Here's a few pictures of the area, including Date Masamune's statue and a bird's eye view of Sendai...

What's left of the wall surrounding the castle. Must've been pretty tough to defend the castle since the wall consists of a dozen rocks.
Hard to discern, but there's a hawk circling the city looking for prey.
If you squint real hard, you can see my apartment building.
A lovely shot of Masamune's horse's behind.
Good old 伊達 政宗 (Masamune ) himself perched on high (about 100 meters high!)
Some funky cool eagle statue. I'm not sure what it signifies...let's say it's a symbol of Masamune and leave it at that.
A map on the sidewalk. I have yet to go to this Site when it hasn't been raining.
Some rather coy Koi or 錦鯉.
Continuing Japan's obsession with vending machines, this is a robotic dragon that does a little dance for you.
A few Cherry trees dot the temple.
And a few more 桜 or 櫻 (Sakura).
I don't know what type of tree this is, but it is very striking.
As you may have guessed, I am no longer at the Castle site. I am now at Sendai Mediatheque, designed by 伊東豊雄(Toyo Ito).)and this giant baloon ghostie thing was on display in the lobby.
I popped up to the Art Gallery and caught the tail end of a display of High School Artists, just before the dismantled the display and walked off with the paintings!

That was a fun day on the Loople and I ended it off with a beer or three with DJs Mixture and Mokugohan shooting some pool!

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