Relax, Go to it...

Don't worry, it's not a lame post about Frankie Goes to Hollywood, it's a lame post about Echophonyk @SHAFT!

Tomorrow at Shaft, there'll be an event called "RELAX" with the usual gang of DJs but with special guests, Paralysis, performing their superb bongo and saxophone beats and The Black Ships providing brilliant vocals for your listening pleasure. Starting from 8 until 10, there'll be an all-u-can drink 飲み放題 (nomihodai) for only 2500¥ and then free admission for the rest of the night. If you come after 10, it's only 1500¥ including one drink. (If you comment in my blog, I'll squeeze in an extra drink for you!!)

Hope to see you there!

ps. If you're wondering who the cute bear is, it's none other than リラックマ (Rirakkuma), an ubiquitous beast that shows up everywhere in Japan and whose motto is RELAX!

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