In A Galaxy Far Away...

May 25th is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (Episode 4!?!) A New Hoax.

I was a wee lad in high school when it first came out and I remember watching it with a friend at Shopper's World in Brampton. (Back when Shopper's was the only mall in town and back when it had a theatre!) Hard to believe that Star Wars wasn't the phenomenon then that it is now, but there were so few people watching it, that we sat through it twice without being jack-booted out by the ushers.
Being a die-hard Trekker, I was ripe for the picking to have a new obsession thrust upon me, and thrust in I was! (On the other hand, my friend's only comment was concerning Han Solo's statement that "I can do the run in 2 light years!" (Or words to that effect). Good old Martin Buchholz (the smartest guy in our high school, Canadian Chess Champ and Reach For the Top winner two years running, '75-76) complained, "Light years are a measurement of distance not time!" ...Has George corrected that error in one of his innumerable revisions? I hope not. I wrote it off as Han's bravado (when we all know he was full of it.)

Anyway, I loved them all (Empire is my personal favourite), collected all the loot, but I don't have too many goodies left. I made a tidy profit on my comic books, but I made the foolish move of playing with my figures and not keeping them pristine in the original packaging.

But in doing my part for the anniversary, here are several photos of my personal Japanese collection. Some has been transported from my locker in Brampton, but most has been acquired while here. Alas, most of the recent crap has been from the crap recent movies. The movies may bite, but the merchandising rocks!

Some Potato Chip bag Clips.
Dagnabit! There are 8 in the set and I only have 7!
Some holographic Fridge Magnets.
More Fridge magnets, the Emperor is really creepy!

A couple of Mini-Eminem dispensers.
A couple of Lego sets.
Some of these Figurine sets are really keen!
I gotta get around to assembling these one day...

(As an added bonus, I have scanned 1/2 of the Japanese version of Tokyo Pop's Star Wars fumetti for your enjoyment. But you'll have to wait until my net works at home for me to post it!)

If you really want to enhance your geekery about all things Star Warsian, check out Wookiepedia.

Since it promises to be a rainy weekend, I think I'll sit back and watch the trilogy. It'll give me a chance to take pics of the ton of stuff I have sitting in boxes!

Live Long and Prosper!
(Oh, I'll burn in heck for that one!)

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