Cine-Manga Magic!

As promised, here's the first half of the Fumetti (captioned-photo book) for Star Wars with Japanese titles! (Yippee, I went and bought a 20-meter cable so that I can hook up my modem to my pc. Why is the phone jack at the front door away from where you might possible need it? But at least I'm back on the Net!)

Be sure to click on each photo to see all its Forceful goodness!

スターウォーズ、エピソード IV = Star Wars, Episode IV:

My Japanese is sketchy at best, so I'll have to leave most of these pages comment-free.

R2-D2 says, "BLOOP, BLEEP, BLURP!" The Japanese sounds like this: "Bee-Beee-Booo!"

HRRYAA!!=Gaaay!; WAAAHH=Bee-bee-bee-bee!; OOOOOOH!!=Gyurrr!; UTTNI!!=kikii!

URGH!=Oooh!; GLACH=Gwaa!; AWKK=Whoa!

URGH! URGH! URGH!=Waa Waa Waa!

It certainly looks to me like Han shot first...

By the way, I re-watched the DVD on Friday and I misquoted myself. It's amazing how a 30-year-old memory can be incorrect. Han Solo said, "...the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs". My friend said, "parsecs are a measure of length, not time." Aren't you glad I cleared that up?

I'll finish the story one of these days for you. I'm sure you'll all want to know how it ends!

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