And the Geek shall Inherit the Earth.

At the behest of a certain Canuck named Rachel, I've decided to enlighten you with an overview of my Fortress of Solitude. (Solitude, mainly because I have no one in their right mind who is willing to share it with me.) Most of this crap has been acquired through sales at Japanese toy stores, UFO Catching or brought from my stash in Canada.

So now for your viewing pleasure is Part One of a Nerd's Eye view of Chez Michael...

Oooh, a Marty Nodell-autographed Green Lantern ring!
The Metaluna Monster overlooking some Gamera figures.
Jack & Sally et al, outside my collection of Godzilla mini-encyclopediae.
More Jack-crap above those books.
Some "Ghost in the Shell" characters. I have another set, if anyone wants to buy some...
A lovely Jurassic Park Pteranodon light "switcher-onner".
A Planet of the Apes cut-out mask book, a Rakuten Eagle and a page from a DC Romance comic.
Let's do the Smile!
A couple of stuffed Godzilla make out next to a Gundam head while one of Kurosawa's Samurai is swallowed by my Apatosaurus coin bank.
My Spidey light switcher-onner embracing Buffy.
More Jack-related smilers.
The menagerie upon my tv.
My entire McDonald's Happy Set of Astroboy (アトム = atomu).
Wolvie flanked by some Groening cutouts.
I'm trying to get entire Venitian Blinds just from key-chains and phone straps.
Gamera guarding my toilet paper.
Ultraman Beetle-foe battling Yamato in my bathtub.
My Aloe Christmas tree with Ornaments.
Ex-Prime Minister Koizumi taking a nap beside some Osamu Tezuka characters.
Coraline in good company.
Batman & Ukiyoe wall Hangings below a tin-Rocketeer.
An impressive display of UFO-caught cushions, but nowhere to sit on the couch.
Gegege, mini-Marvels and a Storm-trooper.
Spidey overlooking my fridge with a Mothra on his back (ouch).
An impressive collection of CC Lemon fridge magnets, but no Maggie...Doh!
Mini Batman characters surrounding Godzilla strattling a globe.
Captain America is riding the Allosaurus from "The Valley of the Gwangi"!
More mini-Marvels riding various characters plus check out those Beatrix Potter characters to the left.

Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge it and revel in all its nerdy goodness!

Back to my regularly scheduled Golden Week updates tomorrow...

1 comment:

rachelle said...

Your stuff is awesome! It's cool to see all the Japanese merchandise. I love that Captain America pillow. And the blinds made out of keychains. That's a pretty nerdy place. I love it!


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