Got your Gachapin?

Fuji TV has sponsored several anime programs over the years, notably Astro Boy, Speed Racer, and GeGeGe no Kitaro. Today on my way to school, I bought some Mitsuya Cider with a frog-like creature premium attached to the bottle. I got the Tennis and Kendo playing characters (which I generously donated to the appropriate club teacher/coach). After a little research, I found out the following...

ガチャピン (Gachapin) is, in fact, a child dinosaur.
Age: 5-years old
Birthday: April 2
Birthplace: A tropical island
Special Abilities: Sports in general
Secret: The energy balls on his wrists enable him to fly, dive underwater, and gives him strength and courage whenever he faces a challenging situation.

His friend is, むっく (Mukku), a child bigfoot.
Age: 5-years old
Birthday: April 2
Birthplace: An island near the North Pole
Special Abilities: Has a huge appetite
Secret: Since he was born in an icy atmosphere, Mukku is unable to endure warm weather. The propeller on his head rotates when he needs to cool his body-helping him to relax.

It would take a true obsessive (not me yet, I just "discovered" him) to want to buy this item, but I'm sure people will buy it.

Whenever you go to a baseball game, or other outdoorsy event, you can often see a little stage show of various popular kids show entertainers. Here's a minute of a cute chick surrounded by some sweaty guys in Gachapin & Mukku outfits:


Nigel Fogden said...

Hey Michael,

I found your blog! I've got your RSS feed and I'd like to keep in touch -- since I know I'll run into you again!

I just wanted to say hello, but also, on-topic, if you want to find a truly psychotic mascot, check out Klee Wyck the killer whale from the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth games. A porpoise out for blood...

Michael Jones said...

Welcome to the fold, Ya'all come back now, Y'hear!

Tegan said...

I do believe that Gachapin appears in a recent Killers music video.


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