The Black Tower Looms.

Since I'm in the mood for commenting on people's blogs and then getting all self-referential, I thought I'd mention this site that I check out frequently. She doesn't post very often because she's way too busy with her new Graphic Novel, The Black Tower. If the cover is anything to go by, it looks like it'll take awesomeness to a new level.

Though my profile has had over 900 hits, for some reason I rarely receive comments, yet over the last month, I've received two from some fellow bloggers from this country. This guy writes a sports blog and I don't really see myself as having much in common with him since I only comment on hockey, sumo and a little baseball. But he has added me to his list of links and for that I am grateful. Another guy from Yokohama who also writes solely in Japanese, has also added me to his list of links. Thus I am now returning the favour. Though he does write in Japanese, he has a Google language changer doodad that translates his blog into English fairly well.

One of these days, I need to revise my profile and add my own links. One of these days...

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