It's 8-Man!

I don't really know much about this character, so I'll send you to the Wiki entry on 8th-Man to learn more. Called 8マン in Japanese, he appears to be the first Japanese cyborg hero and had several series, manga and even a live action film called "Subete no Sabishī Yoru no Tame ni". Watch that last link for a clip of the film. At about 1:20 minutes into it, you'll see him light up his special cigarette to gain his superpowers, something I previously mentioned back here!

The reason I'm mentioning him is that while tidying my room, I discovered this candy that I'd bought months ago. It has 8マン on it and tasted of イチゴ, メロン, バナナ (strawberry, melon & banana). It was pretty yummy (and don't worry, the expiry date is not until November.)

I have never seen this show, but here are the lyrics to the American version, (click that for a YouTube link).

There's a prehistoric monster
that came from outer space.
Created by the Martians
to destroy the human race.
The FBI is helpless,
it's twenty stories tall!
What can we do, who can we call?

Call Tobor the 8th Man,
Call Tobor the 8th Man.
Faster than a rocket,
quicker than a jet.
He's the mighty robot,
he's the one to get.
Call Tobor the 8th Man.
Quick call Tobor, the mightiest robot of them all!

But this looks much cooler...

ps. Happy Father's Day from the father of Robocop!

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