Shaking All Over!

My thoughts go out to the few who died and the many who were injured in today's quake in Iwate. (Here is the story in Japanese with some pictures.) My 10 hour wait in a train station out in Sticksville pales in comparison to that. Though the day was a boring one for me, I did hear from several pals throughout the world, so thanks to all you well-wishers. I'll have you know that my personal Richter scale measured a whopping 7.5! (That's how many of my toys fell off their shelves.)

To while away the time, I sucked back a Blue Hawaii from Pepsi, a light blue-coloured carbonated drink with pineapple & lemon flavouring. It wasn't very tasty but had a lovely pineapply aftertaste to it. I also had some Melon-choco Crunky, again not very tasty since it was reminiscent of melonoma. I'm a little cranky after my long day, so forgive me if my wit is lacking today, won't you?

Here's Elvis promoting Pepsi's latest taste sensation:

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