Bad Grammer.

I know I occasionally make grammar errors and spelling mistakes but the misspelling of the title of this post is intentional. When I heard of Kelsey Grammer's mild heart attack, I immediately headed over to a blog I read frequently. Ken Levine is a former director/writer of some of the classiest Sitcoms going, such as M*A*S*H*, Cheers and Frasier. He always has an amusing anecdote to recount and today's was about Extras. I made a long involved comment on his blog, though I probably should have made the comment on this entry about Kelsey.

Frequent readers of this blog may recall a story about the time I met Neil Sedaka. The comment I made today was about being an extra on New Jersey Turnpikes and the time I encountered Mr. Grammer. Go read the above comment for details, but suffice to say, Kelsey Grammer is a classy guy for whom I wish a full and speedy recovery. This picture is from his
ST-TNG appearance.

Another actor in that movie was Mike Starr who played a plumber in this episode of Frasier. He was a plumber who had terrorized a youthful Frasier Crane in high school. It is possibly my favourite episode of the series! This picture is from his appearance in ST-DS9.

Watch the whole thing, but at minute 3:47 is a clip from that episode, (even though you don't actually get to see Mr. Starr)...

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