I'm Indiaka Jones!

Several years ago, I actually went to a gym and pretended to work out. I occasionally trekked to the Kirin Sports Facility near my old stomping grounds, Tokiwagi Gakuen HS, where I lifted a few weights, ogled the ladies, played a bit of racquetball, ogled the ladies a bit more and even played in their softball league (and ogled the ladies, natch.) But on Saturday nights, it was my opportunity to shine when I played the sport called Indiaka. Sort of hybrid between volleyball and badminton, the object of Indiaka is for your team to hit a large shuttlecock (snicker) over the net and score points a la volleyball rules. Whenever it was my turn to serve I would hum, "dadadadaaa, dadadum..." and refer to myself as "Indiaka Jones". Jocularity ensued! (It was not until last weekend that I discovered that nobody in Japan referred to Henry Jones, Jr. as Indiana Jones, he is known as Indy over here. I was a victim of false chortling!) The sport though was a ton of fun and I was getting pretty good at it. Alas, I lost my gig in that High School and was forced to move to Soma where my athletic prowess was left to rot.

Witness this copy of the bonus material from my Indy boxed set and you'll see that it does indeed read, "インディー・ジョーンズ". Why am I bringing this up? Well, Alex & I saw the Japanese premiere last Saturday of インディー・ジョーンズ クリスタル・スカルの王国 (Indi Jyonzu kurisutaru sukaru no oukoku). I enjoyed it immensely and Alex even admitted to having a good time. Sure there are plot holes big enough to drive a truck through and the CGI gophers & monkeys are really annoying, but it kept me amused throughout.

While there, I picked up a ハートアート (sort of solid plastic sheets you place between pages of your notebook for the purpose of memo-taking) with this on the front...

and this on the back.

While wandering through the fields of
カプセル (capsules), I came across this set of 7 (hmm, I wonder what the seventh mysterious シークレット/secret item is?) Considering I'm lacking in funds right now, I decided to only buy one.

But I scored the coolest one, the

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