Fie, Bet a Kappa!

We indulged in a few brew last night and Franz was given the previously mentioned heart attack-inducing package. He slowly opened the envelope and

all of a sudden a whirring sound occurred

and lo & behold appeared the dismembered paw of a Kappa!

(As you may have guessed, it is but a tightly wound elastic band surrounding a mockup of a Kappa's hand. But it was good for a giggle. No one was really startled, but one of our party jumped when the instruction card fluttered out of the envelope!)

I retired early so I could get up early for my weekly sojourn out to the sticks to teach a few engineers a thing or two about English. Afterwards, I had the rest of the day off, so I decided to pop into the Diamond City Mall near Natori. There wasn't much happening and I'd seen all the movies playing, so I just picked up an Indy Jones cup which came with a lovely little leather Indy key chain. (It's a little difficult to ascertain from the picture below, so be sure to click it to make it bigger.)

Because it was a nice day, I decided to walk several kilometers to Natori and check out a few shops along the way. I'm glad I had a huge cup of CC Lemon for 90 minutes later I'd overshot that station and eventually made it to Minami-Sendai station. The good news is that I'd saved 210¥!

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