Alice Aforethought.

A few days ago, I started a post on Alice in Wonderland and showed you half of the tale. I'm not going to complete it here (I'm sure you get the idea, you can always buy the book yourself) but I do want to show you a picture of the Cheshire Cat.

Sorry about that, that was a picture of a Cheshire Dog. Here is the Cat.

I have several Alice characters that came with Furuta chocolate eggs a while back that you may like to take a peek at.

While researching my winsome waspy witticism a few minutes ago, I discovered that when Alice went Through the Looking Glass, she came across several insects.
Check out this link to a dissection of かがみの国のアリス (Kagami no Kuni no Arisu, literally Alice's Mirror Country) with several of the original illustrations by Tenniel. But like most famous stories, it was adapted into both a manga and an anime.

Sharing a coach with a ヤギ (yagi = goat) and a かぶと虫 (kabuto-mushi = beetle).

Later while sitting under a tree, Alice is bugged by a bug. Nice proboscis!

I can't figure out what they are from the text, but they appear to be a horsefly, a sushi bee and flaming flying feces!

Here is a pretty cool mashup of several Alice incarnations with a really lovely tune. Can anyone identify the singer for me?

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