Cheesecake Photos!

Sorry Googlers looking for naughty pictures, this is real edible cheesecake that I received today from some unknown admirer. I only have one friend in Tokyo who sends me presents and the return address doesn't match hers. It's from Nagoya, I don't know even anyone from there! I got teramisu, banana & baked flavours. Well, since it looks so yummy, I think I'll share it with some students this week.

In other snacking news, a few new KitKats came out. Here we have a マイルドビター Mild Bitter which unsurprisingly tastes mildly bitter. I got a six-pack of Minis for a buck.

ダブルベリー (double-berry: Strawberry & Cranberry) was my other find and I shared these Minis amongst my drinking buddies last night. I also found these little KitKat balls of Mango flavour, but I can't find the photo I took prior to chowing down on them. Fear not, I will track down another pack!

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