More Festival Crap...

Make that, more crap that I donated to the World-famous Carl Summer Festival:

We have a トナカイ (Tonakai, nee Tony Tony Chopper) pen from One Piece (a show that I've never really followed, so I can't tell you much about it.)

A pair of genies (genii? djinni?), from Akubi-chan, which somehow managed to remain in its bag and didn't get picked up by a lucky kid.

Here are some of the goodies on display. The playing cards were used to identify what gift you could randomly choose (eg. a choice of 4 different Kings-gifts.)

And a few more. I'd have taken more photos, but it got so busy, I barely had time to replace the items. I sure didn't have time to photograph them. I ended up getting rid of 3 large boxes & 2 big bags of goods and all but a few items were snapped up.

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