Sack of Rambo...

I finally got a copy of the Mango Littles and here it is. Begin drooling, they are tangy and tasty.

Tasting a bit like pink jelly beans, the さくらんぼ (Sakuranbo = cherry: Warning: click on that link at your own peril, a bizarre video will appear!) Littles are not very yummy and leave a medicinish taste in your mouth.

Within those two little wrappers of "Littles" are these tiny cubes of sugary delight. About the size of Stuart Little's gizzard, I take umbrage at the Nestle people calling them KitKats. Perhaps I'm a purist, but, isn't half the enjoyment of eating a Kitkat, the option of snapping the wafers in two? These little balls are very difficult to snap in two, you just end up with a lot of crumbs.

That being said, it appears that all my KitKat posts are beginning to pay off. Even though I'm not an American, apparently someone out there likes me enough to promote me in a bid for the Presidency! Watch this newscast and see for yourself. Who'd 'a thunk I could be a frontrunner as Prez!

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