Festival Highlights!

Here is my current big-boss, Tony and Leo, the MC for the day.

The high point of the Festival had to be the Mini-Golf, labouriously constructed by Echophonyk's very own Lighting expert, Adam. The first hole was a Par 3, smack the ball through the gob of Crusty (misspelled for copyright purposes) and the ball smoothly rolls into the tee for...

The incredible UFO. Definitely the toughest putt, it was a par 5.

What would a Mini-Golf be without a Windmill? (Rumours of Homer & Marge making out inside are grossly exaggerated.) The final hole, a par 4, was fully operational. The power generated by the Windmill helped power the infamous...

かき氷 or Kakigori machine. Snow-cones are all the rage here and the shaved-ice concoctions come in many flavours. I think we had Grape, Orange & Condensed Milk-Yummy.

Apple & his balloon-animal making elves making balloon animals. Oooh, look...he made a snake!

DJ Mixture spun the Wheel of Misfortune. Kids had fun but the Pepsis I donated (collected when I acquired the dozens of Star Wars Bears) were not a popular item.

A couple more volunteers manning (womanning) the Cotton Candy machine.

The infamous Shiogama Sore dance performed by Alex & Yuko. (The blurred faces are intentionally obscuring guests identities.)

I put on the garb but only danced for a minute or two until duty called me back.

To close off the day, all our able-bodied workers dismantled the tents. Notice how I'm helping by staying out of the way and taking photos.

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