Sooey, Sooey!

Yesterday, I bought a Gold pack of KitKat, expecting some rich caramelish flavour and what did I get? Regular old KitKat in a gold box. If you look in the upper left corner, you'll see, "キット願いかなう". I've quoted this article before in my second ever KitKat post. The phrase, KittoKatsu loosely translates as "I hope you will win!" and university wannabees give a wafer to each in order to promote luck when stressing over entrance exams. Imagine my disappointment when the Golden promise was nothing but a marketing ploy.

But, this is what I'm talking about! Sooey, Sooey is the KitKat call to pig out on すいか (Suika=watermelon)! This is probably the closest yet to true fruit flavour perfection that I've come across in my quest for KitKat consumables.

Just look at it...isn't it mouthwatering?

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