The other night I popped into 305 to see some pals and they were watching The World of Golden Eggs. I've seen this show in the video shop and pooh-poohed the crapanimation, but that is not to say that crapimation doesn't have its place (South Park, Homestar Running, Happy Tree Friends, Home Movies, etc.) The humour is pretty low-brow and I certainly don't get it, yet I think this is due to a cross-cultural lost in the translation syndrome. The gang in the bar were in stitches watching the inane antics of the protaganists. I could read the subtitles and presumably it translated fairly well, but I just didn't find it funny. Akari said it's because they talk like young people do today. I'm still not convinced.

Here's a clip for you, please listen and judge for yourself. I'd appreciate some feedback. Is it funny? Am I losing my sense of humour? Am I that old?

Good old CC LEMON has managed to capture 6 of their characters in tiny phone straps. Much to my chagrin, I missed the Turkey somehow. Now I'll have to go get it tomorrow. (I'm such a completist!)

UPDATE: I got Paul the turkey!

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