Head Godzilla.

While I was piecing together my beetle/beatle costume, there was a prop I own that I hasn't been seen in a while that I thought would go nicely with it. So I broke open 2-3 boxes that I've had in my outdoor closet since I moved here 3 1/2 years ago. I didn't find the prop, but I did locate several things that I'd completely forgotten about. I'll show them off piece by piece over the next few weeks.

First up is a very cool looking but completely impractical Godzilla mask. As with most masks, it's hot and stuffy but the eye holes are so tiny that it makes it impossible to see out of them. If one were to wear this while trick or treating, you'd be run over by a vehicle before you reached the first house.

What you see here is a new odd flavour from Pepsi, some odd Chestnut candy called "Mont Blanc" that I've never tried. For a good review of it, this guy has a few less than positive words to say about it. I didn't particularly like it and I won't buy it again, but it wasn't the worst new flavour I've had (Azuki-beans...I'm talking to you.) Bring back Blue Hawaii!
More loot tomorrow...

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