HMV Final Wars.

Back in 2005, when Godzilla was undergoing forced retirement, HMV brought out a boxed set of 15 Glow in the Dark figures. I just happened to be in Tokyo when these debuted, so I snapped up a box and forgot all about them. We have ゴジラ、轟天号、ガイガン、マンダ、ラドン、キングシーザー、アンギラス、エビラ、モスラ、ヘドラ、ミニラ、モンスターエックス、カイザギドラ、クモンガ、カマキラス。
They are all pretty cool and one day I'll display them, in the meantime I'll keep them sealed in plastic.

Coming home from joining a couple in Holy Matrimony today, I managed to snap a few shots of rainbow between buildings. It was raining off and on all day and it just happened to stop in time for the couple to take photos outside. Someone put in a good word!

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