Halloween Leftovers.

I never did get to post the one yōkai picture that I found the most bizarre. I'll start off with it and then I'll add a few pics of my work Halloween party, add in a few more of kid's artwork, and several others. Then I can get back to posting normal everyday crap.

A while ago, I made mention of 狸 and their spectacular scrotum. Be sure to hit that link and listen to Eartha Kitt sing "Sho-Jo-Ji" and watch "Red Riding Hood gets a surprise". Here, several of the Tanuki's pals are drumming on  狸ばやし Tanuki-Bayashi's ballooning balls.
Here's the anime-fable:

I've never seen PomPoko but it looks pretty sweet.

I was pretty busy this past week, so I didn't get much chance to decorate my apartment. As with previous years, I just draped some cutesy Halloween tinsel over my door and window (don't want to freak out the neighbours) but this year I added some decos that I scammed from NHK. Every week, a balloon artist teaches her art and I saved these pumpkins and drew a face on them. Not much, but it does look cute.

I saved spooky for our school's Halloween party where we had 60 kids turn up in full costume (pirates, princesses, poohs, etc.) and I ran a Skeleton Race in my room that was adorned with several of the pieces from my collection. I recycled last year's Spiderman costume and for some reason, all of my students recognized me, even with the mask on.
Tony did a great job with the pumpkins and this ghoul was the backdrop for the kiddies photo-shoot.

I didn't have many good shots of my John Lennon costume, so I thought I'd give a breakdown of what went into it.

The headpiece was purchased several years back, but all of the other beetles were won at UFO Catcher back when I was aficionado of the art. Last time, I put little Beatles wigs on 4 different bugs and included a cockroach as Yoko Ono. This year, I picked up a pair of leggings to give me an extra pair of legs, carried a big beetle as my wife and had two smaller beetles as Sean & Julian Lennon. A few people got it, but for the most part my originality was only appreciated by myself.

These bugs didn't make the cut, I didn't want to have too many insects, that'd just be silly.

Finally, here are a few more drawings from my JHS!

See ya next year for the Countdown...

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The Frog Queen said...

That was fun!! Love the drawings. Thanks for sharing.



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