O-Tanjoubi, Omedetou Gojira-masu.

I knew it was coming up but I didn't realize that November 3rd was ゴジラ's 56th birthday until I read it in the very august blog of August Ragone. Fortunately, I unknowingly happened to post a giant mask of the Big G yesterday so I am officially going to start GODZILLA WEEK at mytwoyenworth!!

Does everyone recognize this dear deer? I'm sure you do, thus I know you know where I'm going with this.

I first saw BvsG on The All Night Show starring Chas Lawther as Chuck the Security Guard. (I also saw footage of a starkers Marilyn but that's another story.) Listen to Chuck pluck at a guitar and then around the 2:35 mark is the classic.

Here is the original short without Chuck's musical accompaniment

Thanks to one of my several Godzilla figures and a choco-egg of Bambi, I've recreated the final moments.
Ooh, Bambi gets revenge!!

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