Ladies Night On Halloween!

I thought I'd end off Halloween month with a few yōkai ladies. (For more photos, one can always head on over to my Facebook Album.)

泣きばばあ (Naki-BaBaa) also known as Sunakake Babaa as depicted in Gegege in the fifth picture here is an old yōkai woman who carries sand which she throws into the eyes of enemies to blind them. Diametrically opposed to this yōkai is this police officer.

I can't find any info on おきかべ (Okikabe) but she looks nothing like Jasmine here.

飛縁魔 (Hinoenma) bears entirely no resemblance to this petite Cave-woman but does share a name with an anime character.

沼御前 (Numa Gozen) is some kind of water-witch. I met several witches last night who were slightly more attractive.
 磯女 (Iso-Onna or Rocky Beach Woman) is a Japanese ghost or a monster that has long hair and lives near the coast. The bottom half of Iso Onna is either translucent or is shaped like a snake or a dragon. and they have the ability to make themselves look like rocks that are placed near the beach. These gals are anything but translucent down below.

青女房 (Ao-Nyoubou) is a female ghost who lurks in an abandoned imperial palace.  She is rumored to devour young men who visit her. Either of these gals can devour me anytime.

影女 (Kage-Onna) is the shadow of a woman cast on the paper doors of a haunted house. These gals cast quite a shadow as well!

Finally is one of my favourite yōkai, ろくろ首 Rokuro-Kubi has a wonderful writeup by John Rozum. Rokuro-Kubi are yōkai that used to be ordinary human beings, but somehow they have come to suffer from a ghostly affliction that allows their heads to float away from their bodies, their necks stretching in between like a fleshy garden hose, sometimes indefinitely. In their daytime human forms, Rokurokubi often live undetected and may even take mortal spouses. Many Rokurokubi become so accustomed to such a life that they take great pains to keep their demonic forms secret. They are tricksters by nature, however, and the urge to frighten and spy on human beings is hard to resist.

This is just awesome:

I'd love to neck with any of the above women!

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