Jonni Kuesto!

I'd heard the theme before but I never knew that JQ had such a following over here. There were all kinds of tie-ins such as this B&W mangatwo Sonosheets, and an incredible sketchbook. There was even Japan's version of Pogs, めんこ, 面子 (Menko).

 For my Japanese viewers, here is a little more info including the blogger's top 5 hits.

I love the original theme song, it's one of the reasons I love Jazz. I never thought it could be topped until I heard this theme song科学少年 ジョニー・クエスト, from the 1964 anime-ted toon which is all flavours of awesome. For those of you who can't be bothered clicking, here it is again...

and again...

I really really wanna get my hands on some of the above goodies!

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