Nielson Ratings.

I'm a tad late to the Blogosphere on the demise of Leslie Nielson though I did link to Forbidden Planet on my FB page.

Leslie Nielson has a great pedigree, his father Ingvard Eversen Nielsen, was a Danish-born Constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his older brother, Erik Nielsen was Deputy Prime Minister of Canada during the 1980s and his half-uncle, Jean Hersholt, was also an actor. How did such a prodigious person end up as such a deadpan actor? It's thanks to his ease at passing gas.

We also lost director Irvin Kershner this week, the best thing to come along to Star Wars since Yoda. I spoke at great length about Empire last May, so you'll have to hit that month's daily SW posts to learn more. Apart from Robocop 2 and Never Say Never Again, I haven't seen that many of his movies. What I have seen have been excellent though!

No other Hollywood celeb passed on this week, so I'll draw from the Hockey world and comment on former Leafs' coach, Pat Burns, who was laid to rest today. During the funeral, some ghouls broke into his widow's car and stole several items of memoribilia that were up for auction. What a bunch of wankers!!

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