Tonight I threw together a costume at the last minute, assuming I had a certain Matrix robe only to recall it having been lent out to someone 2 or 3 years ago. On the plus side, I managed to fit my butt into a pair of black jeans for the first time in several years! Here are a few pics of the final result of my haphazard efforts. (I wish I had time for more details, but it's now 4am and I have to get up in 3 hours!)

As you may have ascertained by the post title, I went as John Lennon tonight during his marriage to Yoko Ono, when his sons Sean & Julian were but wee beetles. Btw, before I went home, Rob & I head over to Liga and warbled a few tunes. My first tune, of course, was...Imagine.


The Frog Queen said...


Happy Halloween!


Michael Jones said...

Same to you squared!


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