Coffee, Tea Or Water?

I have several odds and ends from several drinks obtained over the last several months therefore, I'll showcase several of them.

It's always struck as odd as to whom they are marketing their canned coffees or PET-bottled teas. Now, these bears are rather practical as well as being cute, so I can understand the ladies buying them. Here are a couple of Rira-Kuma
LED Lights/Straps that flash "Teas' Tea". Also a quartet of Sports-bears that flash "Tully's Coffee". Perhaps the young lady featured here is the targeted market.

I'm sure a lot of older Otaku guys drink coffee by the bucketful so they are a prime market for Dragonball cars and One-Piece character-straps but surely those cars are more for little kids who have to drink coffee to obtain them! I'm fairly certain that the "basement*" dwellers like the lass in the video though. (*there aren't really any basements in Japan btw.)

As for whom they are marketing bottled water, I suppose everyone likes penguins and Kitty-chan:

As for this new Shinkansen strap, there are thousands of train fans in this country. Pretty much daily, I see someone snapping a photo of an oncoming or outgoing train and this new Shink was a train-ophile's wetdream. They must have been so disappointed when they discovered a certain movie had next to no trains!

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