Godzilla, CHUDs or Zombies?

Which do you think will be the next menace to Japan? (And please don't let it be sparkly vampires!)

On a more jocular note, you'll be happy to know that I've had power for several hours now and as you can see, the interwebs too.

I lined up for about 90 minutes this morning for some groceries and got a pretty good haul and they threw in some sausages and bacon for free! (Eat now before it spoils...no refrigeration.) I've been lucky because my freezer was so full of snow, it hadn't yet melted. It has started doing so, thus I don't trust the chicken that was in there. (The crows will be happy tomorrow morning.) I put all the snow into Doraemon buckets and a Doraemon lunchbox became a makeshift cooler for the icecubes and excess meat. (I am the nerdiest McGuyver ever!) Of course it is now moot for my fridge is fully operable now.

I plan to do a daily diary of the last few days but I'm uncertain as to what venue to display it. I don't want some wanker to copy it from my blog and present it to the public as his.

I will though show a couple of the photos I took over the last few days.

Walking home from the Day Care from which I was working when the earthquake hit (believe you me, a dozen 5-year olds cowering under tables is a tough class to teach), I popped into the 7-11 before the crowds emptied it out. I picked up a couple of salads and some fried chicken to tide me over the next two days but it's a good thing I didn't want any booze...

When I got home, I discovered the first casualty of my apartment. Gamera had taken a header into the head! Yamato had also sunk into my bathtub. I discovered that my computer crashed, that is, it fall off my desk (as you can see, it's still operable.) Several other items had fallen but thankfully nothing was completely ruined. I usually judge the level of an earthquake by the amount of toys that had fallen down. This time it was measured by those that hadn't fallen.

While I still had light, I dug through my stuff seeking candles and flashlights (today when the power returned, I discovered my best flashlight under my computer desk.) Since I had no way to heat up my room, I set up a few candles around my bed, pulled up the covers and read a few chapters of my book.

Day two tomorrow.

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