What's All This Flap, Jack?

I consumed a plate of MacDonald's ホットケーキ this morning in honour of Shrove Tuesday and much to my surprise, they were almost edible(I should have gotten the Happi Setto, at least then I'd get Doraemon too.) Unfortunately, I didn't have a princess to share them with me.

I did expose the holiday's deepest origins to the first year students at my JHS they were as ignorant of the holiday as they were of Pancakes (Cakes made on a frypan are only known as Hotcakes here.) I also enlighted several of my local pals and several of them joined in this austere occasion.

What follows is a lovely light-hearted horror set in the occasion's birthplace. (Shrove Tuesday...more like Shiver Tuesday!)


The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for sharing the video....very cool.


Michael Jones said...

I suggest a sequel.
"Ashes to Ashes Wednesday"


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