Happy Blogiversary.

I haven't posted much lately, mainly due to lack of access to a pc, but for those of you keeping tabs...yesterday was my 5th Anniversary!! (I actually thought it was today, otherwise I'd have written something.)

I have lots of catching up to do yet in order to make it worthy of a jubilee post, here are some photos of a recent fund-raiser I attended. It was called Ashita: Artists for japan (Ashita means "tomorrow") and it featured several artists, performance artists and all-around artistes.

The organizer was a man named "Dice-K" who wrote and orated the following poem accompanied by two violinists:

Aches Waves Makes Wakes (Written by Daisuke Takeya)

The earth aches, and it takes
away all the things that matter to us.

Heart aches, house breaks, Tsunami,
the great wave of anger covers our territory of joy

Did we do wrong ... mother?

Tough time now.
All the loss aches
the base of what we are.

But friends remains,
faith remains,
all remains rest in peace,
and the rest of us here to rebuild
passion, love, and all cares remains in you, in me, and in all of us.

Let us hope the remaining troubles can be solved, by all our efforts together.

And it makes,
and it wakes
bravery, optimism, vision

The morrow sun shines.

Other performers included these 太鼓 (Taiko) drummers and several other performers.

This composer, (Tomoko-I think), performed the above tune on behalf of Japan. A lovely piece and I urge you to donate if you can. (To donate $5 to RedCross relief funds, text Message "ASIA" to 30333.)

My favourite bit of the night was the pair of Kamen Rider clones who battled before our eyes: (Fear not, though it appears that one expired, she was revived by the DJ's headphones.)

Several local artists donated pieces for a silent auction. I bid on three and was outbid at the last minute on each of them. Doh!

I didn't go home empty handed though, for look at what I managed to get!

That's right, I bought a T-Shirt!

(In case you're wondering, the one lass is a former student, Manami who now lives in Toronto and works at Insomnia and the one in the kimono was the MC, Nana Akimoto
There is a link on her site to donate to the RedCross and I urge you to do so as well!


The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for sharing all this....that was a lot to take in. Glad to see so much effort going to help those in this terrible time. Trust me, I am giving what I can!!


Michael Jones said...

Thanks for your support FQ.


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