Hockey Hall of Fame Quiz!

I cross-checked out the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday (for FREE, thanks Phil) and thought I'd offer up a quiz about some of the photos that I took. Winner will receive the latest programme from the Hall! (Wrong answers won't end you up in the Penalty Box.)

Question 1. (1 point) Whose gloves are these?)

Question 2-11. (1 point) Can you name the following players? (Hint: click on the pic to enlarge it to the size of Eddie Shack's nose.)

Question 12. (1 point) What contribution did this young lass make to the sport of kings?

Question 13-30. (2 points) Name as many of the following cups that you can and the reason they are presented. (Bonus point if you can name the most recent recipient.)

Question 31. (1 point)
What contribution did this gentleman make to the world of hockey?

Question 32-33. (1 point) Who won the Gold during the following two Olympic games?

Question 34. (4 points) Who did it, when was it, where was it and what is the significance of the "Lucky Loonie"?

Question 35. (1 point) As you can see, the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup 4 times between 1961 & 1967. How many times have they won the Cup since then?

Question 36. (1 point) What is the significance of 802?

Question 37. (10 bonus points) Add a caption to the following picture:

We have a winner! Mr. Robert "BigBob" Browning of Toronto, Ontario chimed in with answers to all but two of the above. Due to my precarious numbering system, it's hard to tell which two but I think it's the final trophy, #30 (Frank "King" Clancy Memorial Trophy) and #31 on Shoitchi Tomita!
Robert wrote: "Quiz Answers 1. Gordie Howe 2. Mario Lemieux 3. Bobby Hull 4. King Clancy 5. Bobby Orr 6. Wayne Gretzky 7. Johnny Bower 8. Frank Mavolich 9. Guy Lafleur 10. Lanny Macdonald 11. Maurice Richard 12. Women's Hockey 13. Stanley Cup 14. Stanley Cup (Original) 15 Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie) 16. Clarence Campbell Bowl (Team winning the Campbell Conference) 17. Prince of Wales Trophy (Team winning the Wales Confernece) 18. Conn Smythe (MVP in the playoffs) 19. Hart (MVP regular season) 20. Ted Lindsay 21. James Norris (best defensemen) 22. Calder Trophy (best rookie) (Tyler Myers, Buffalo) 23. Jennings Trophy (lowest goal against average) 24. Bill Masterson (service to the community) 25. Frank Selke (best defensive forward) 26. Maurice Richard (most goals) (Sidney Crosby & Steven Stamkos) 27. Art Ross (most scoring points ) (one of the Sedin brothers) 28. Lester Pearson 29. Lady Byng Trophy (most gentlemanly player) 30. ? 31. ? 32. USSR 33. Czech Republic 34. From the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City. The coin was planted at center ice of the hockey rink. It's called the "Lucky Loonie" because Canada's men team won the gold medal for the first times in 50 years. 35. Zero 36. The number of goals Wayne Gretzy scored in the NHL (regular season). 37. Which one in this photo is not his actual size."
Honourable mention goes out to the only other respondent who answered the final question only with, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Mike." Thanks, Iris.
BigBob, your programme is in the mail (though I'll probably just hand it to you on Friday.) (Hmmm. Is there such a thing as a Hockey Otaku? A Hotaku?)

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