Donald McDonald?

While researching news about the recent スポンギ・ボブ ハッピセット, I discovered that there is no Ronald McDonald here. Rather he has been given the nomenclature of "Donald"! You can click around ドナルド・マクドナルド and unlike the North American Ronald, he's into fitness, computers and you can even have him visit your birthday party with only 3 days notice!

I'd assumed that this wave of Nickelodeon Spongebob toys had ended yesterday, but it appears that I have another week to get the 7 that I'm missing. I'm not so sure I really want to though. Even if I substitute Sweet Corn for Fries, that's still a lot of crap for me to consume and since the toys come in random packages you can't pick and choose the object of your desire.

Here's what I have so far:
Baker, Skateboarder & Artist all dispense tiny stickers out of the side of their heads!

Doctor & Golfer light up at the push of a button!

Rocker & Cook exclaim something incomprehensible!

Bat-Sponge & the Karate Kid have a viewer implanted in their skulls so you can see a few scenes!

Other goodies that came out over the last two weekends includes a Memo pad & a set of Stickers!

Will I obsessively try to obtain the last seven? Or will I succumb to good sense? Hmmm. Too tough to call.

Watch this commercial and tell me if these kids need to try the new McRitalin burger:

These are toys from a set from a year ago that I hadn't gotten around to blogging about. I figure now's as good a time as any.

There are two straws, two cups, some pineapple thing, a boat and just a plain ol' SpongeBob.

The weekend special then was a couple of cardboard cutouts that look cool but are pretty flimsy.

As you can see my photos are all topsy-turvy again. I gotta figure that out one of these days.
If anyone out there has doubles of the ones that I'm missing, I have some doubles as well, maybe we can set up a trade...

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