Rodent Roundup.

"How much goo could a gopher go for if a gopher could go for goo?"
For previous tongue twisters and a whole bunch more Groundhog trivia, please check out this previous link. Unfortunately the Silly Symphony in that link has been expunged by YouTube for some unbeknownst reason so here's the same link to Dailymotion's Winter instead. Fairly dull, but if you skip to the 5 minute mark, you'll see why I included it.

Since everyone else is linking to Bill Murray in Groundhog Day today, I'll link to Caddyshack because it includes Gophers! (Hey YouTube, why can't I embed today?)


Brew me a river said...

So totally weird that I never connected these two legendary Bill Murray movies with the ground hog. Thanks Mike! You're on point, as always.

Michael Jones said...

We aims to please!
Can you come up with a rodented tongue twister? I've done gophers, groundhogs, capybaras, meerkats, marmots and of course woodchucks.


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