Dukan It Out.

I finally acquired all of these little guys after drinking several bottles of 16-herb tea. These weird little こびとづかん (Kobito Dukan) are so incredibly bizarre, I just had to have them. Besides, the tea was cheaper than most!

1. カクレモモジリ 2. カクレケダマ 3. リトルハナガシラ 4. オオヒレカワコビト
5. クサマダラオオコビト 6. ベニキノコビト 7. シポリオオチチ 8. ホトケアカバネ

In the past, I managed to acquire some Clear Files, this time I got a couple of key chain clips. I don't think I'll bother trying for them all, you only get a free piece of gum, not a tea.

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