See? Dragons!

Without photographing anything new (and I have tons of catching up to do), I don't have much to show off tonight.

These are some leftovers from my Tokyo trip. While hunting for new goodies, I found a Capsule machine that sold 竜の落とし子 or Seahorses. I was really hoping for a SeaDragon but only got a couple of lame Horsies. I didn't even get the keychain ones. Oh well. If I can find my Aquaman figure, he now has a steed!

On the plus side of my Capsule-quest, I came across some 怪物くん (Kaibutsu-kun) figures and I got the best one on my first try, so I gave up. It's the villainous ドクターノオ Doctor No! I really think James Bond would have been defeated by this guy!

I saw this set behind glass but alas it was not for sale! Someday...

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