Zoo Drills!

I saw this on PeeWee Herman's Facebook page and simply had to share it and several other Zoo drills. Sigh! (Fyi, サイ or sai is Japanese for Rhino.)

The music really makes it for these. Here the zookeepers attempt to wrangle an escaped bipedal tiger! Tora, Tora, Tora! (トラ = tora =tiger.)

Phew, they caught the tiger, now let's see what occurs when a White Polar Bear (シロクマ = shiro-kuma = white bear.)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Orangutan is prevented thanks to our heroic keepers. Sayonara Saru! (サル = saru = ape.)

Finally, here our stalwart boys in orange take down a menacing Zebra! (シモウマShimo-uma = striped horse.)

I am more enthralled by the newscaster than the tranquilized zebra.

I was wandering through Sendai station today and one of my students screamed at me from behind a display of chocolates shaped like zoo-animals. Of course, I had to buy one but I won't have a picture for you until I present the box to some lucky gal. Still uncertain as to whom it might be. Any takers?

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