Sweets For The Sweet.

I'm going to need some Clearfile Clearasil to battle all my potential Zits from all the sweets I've been getting. The latest batch were some lovely cookies & chocolates in a splendid Rirakuma tin generously donated by my class of elderly ladies. During my patented St. Valentine's Day lesson, I gave them some Maple Cream Cookies which went over well.

Speaking of Rirakuma, I acquired a clearfile a while back, which is definitely rather sweet.

In a similar sweet vein, I grabbed this one this morning that features Pocky art that you can make and presumably eat afterwards.

I got these quite a long time ago and never did feature them, so here are some sweet young things. I assume they are AKB48ers but I honestly don't have a clue.

The final files are courtesy of Lawson's Doraemon promo where it appears our sweet robotic pussy visits 奇跡の島 (Kiseki no Shima or Miraculous Island) and encounters what appears to be some refugees from 10,000 BC.

Yesterday I purchased one of those 500¥ chance tickets just to get a cool piece of Dragonquest memorabilia and lo & behold, I snagged the "B" Prize, a cushion! Su-weet!

Not everything in the Conbinis is all good, not only do they have promo for Star Wars, the Phantom Menace in 3D but there is a huge tobacco display featuring Kamen Rider-esque toys to suck in the new smokers. Booo, not Sweet!

On the plus side, Jar-Jar is slightly less annoying in Japanese!

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