A Grave Matter.

Before I left for Canada, I had resigned my position at my previous job with the expectation of returning to Japan as an unemployed bum. While in Toronto, I managed to land a gig back in the Junior High School System in my old stomping grounds of Soma! I had to submit a 7-minute demo lesson and interview via Skype yet somehow I convinced my employers to hire me. I have a half-dozen Junior High Schools to visit daily and a handful of Elementary Schools scattered throughout the following year. I have to drive to all these schools thus requiring a rental car, soon I'll be purchasing my own wheels. Here are some pictures around one of my schools out in the sticks. Since I still can't synch up the words & the photos, I'll just blast you with a bunch of pics and let you sort them out. Lots of flowers, some graves from a nearby cemetery and more flowers, enjoy!
I found out today that there'll be a total solar eclipse on Monday. I hope it isn't as cloudy as it has been, it may be worth getting up early for. The Science teacher gave me a filter so I don't make the following mistakes!

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The Frog Queen said...

Very cool photos!! Thanks for sharing...good luck getting the eclipse photos.



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