Happy Motherless Day.

As you should be well aware, my mother passed away quietly in her sleep on March 30th.
Today being Mother's Day, I think it's time I spoke about her funeral so that I can get on with blogging about life's banalities. (Before I start, once again, the photos and commentary are out of synch thanks to the new improved blogger. Very frustrating!) First up: some pictures of the flowers starting with a surprising one from my buddy BigBob.
Anyone who'd like to head over to the Funeral Home's Book of Memories* can click that link and while you're there, you could always go make a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Now back to the photos! Mom was very talented with sewing, flower arranging and making crafts. I have fond memories of the basement being strewn with patterns & fabric & vases roses & scraps of all kinds. She always had a few projects underway, usually several at the same time. I wish I had some examples of the Barbie & GI JOE clothes that she designed and sold at church bazaars. Here are two of the needlepoints that she did plus a trio of Wise Men that she created for Christmas.
*Try this link and search for Edna May Jones.
In her garden, which had more than 150 different roses, she was constantly planting more, pruning those she had and then cutting them to pose in her own version of 生け花 (Ikebana=flower arrangement). She won dozens of ribbons at each competition but my favourite part of her garden was that I always had a constant supply of roses to give to my dates! My brother kept her pruning shears and placed them in her hands in order to be buried with her.
Speaking of my brother, here he is with my younger brother and their respective spouses.
April 4th was the showing for friends and family at Ward's and, as you can see, it was a lovely day with the cherry trees across the road in full bloom and a full-moon too.
The following day was the funeral itself at Christ Church (Anglican) and we had a lovely service. My brother & I gave the eulogies and we like to put the word "fun" back in the word "funeral". I have to admit that my brother gave a far superior speech than mine and I can recall his anecdotes better than mine. Mark compared her and my father's relationship as akin to that of Penny & Leonard from Big Bang Theory. That surprisingly got quite a few laughs from a predominantly senior congregation/audience!
The other good one was during my mom's incarceration stay at PMH after she suffered her stroke. Her treatment there was less than perfect and she would complain about several of the nurses, one in particular. Since she couldn't utter more than one or two words at a time, Mark asked her to describe what she'd like him to do to the nurse. She responded, "SPANK!" After the ceremony, we had sandwiches and chatted with all the guests and it was wonderful time full of reminiscing and joy. The interment was at the Glendale Memorial Gardens. It was somber but touching and as per her request a bagpiper played Amazing Grace.
I miss you mom. Happy Mother's Day!


frenchy mike said...

I didn't know about your mother. I'm really sorry. She suffered a lot and now pain is gone.. that's the most important.

Mark D. Keene said...

Aww, Mike, this is a touching eulogy blog post...a blogogy? A eulapost? Well, you got me at your comment "put the 'fun' back in 'funeral'". That's going in my bag of tricks. With your permission, of course.


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