Kodomo no Hi!

Apart from being Cinco de Mayo, it's also Children's Day in Japan so I spent the day playing with a pair of children.
After a 30 minute walk around Dainohara Park seeking Alex and his spawn, I was already pooped before meeting the rambunctious duo. A few hours later and I realized that Children's Day is best left for actual children, not mental ones like me. Sure was a beautiful day though!
One thing Children's Day is noted for is the waving of giant carp banners as reported a while ago. Here is the next best thing: live carp!
Seita Hutton is becoming quite the poser!
After dinner, Alex & I head to the pub and discovered a new local for him. Cute matron, lots of otaku-toys and a new audience for our jokes. Nice way to end the day! En route home, I popped into the UFO Catcher and snagged a telescope. The moon is apparently 14% bigger than usual but I can't figure out how to focus my scope. Ah well, still not bad for 10 bucks!

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